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REVAMP!! That’s right! Time for a new look, a new focus, a new goal, a new… new. Things have changed since I began this blog when I lived in NYC. While, the Feisty Flies’ members and friends hold a dear place in my heart, we are no longer the core group we once were. I know… a moment of silence *pours one out for the homies* Unfortunate to be certain, however, leading way for a more auspicious endeavor. It’s time to be accepting of my new direction.
                                 Black Girl’s Names

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Words That Could Be A Black Girl’s Name 1

My friends and I are too much. Just the right amount of too much though.

If these words weren’t words, they could easily be the name of a black girl
— Challenge (Shuh-lunj-jay)
Teacher: Is there a Challenge Jones here?
Challenge: Umm, excuse me it’s pronounced Shuh-lunj-jay

— Antiquity
Parent: I know you is not tryin’ to sneak out this house Antiquity!

— Tenacity
My name is Tenacity Patrice Jones Watkins and I do not answer to no man!

— Whimsy
Announcer: Next in our female circuit is Ms. Whimsy Jackson, daughter of Tyrell Darnell Jackson.

— Napkins
Manager: I’m sorry Napkins but we cannot give you a raise because your nails, and I quote, “need to done be did and on fleek errday”

— Panorama
Mother: Panorama if you do not get up them stairs and change them clothes you won’t see yo’ cell phone for a week!

— Prowess
Cousin: Prowess! Bring yo’self back here before I tell yo daddy where you ACTUALLY was on Friday night!

— Consistency
Oh (clap) you (clap) did (clap) not (clap) just (clap) dis (clap) respect (clap) me! I (am) Consistency Alexis Mercedes Jones and that is not how I roll!

— Aureola
Friend: Oh hellllll nawwwww Aureola! Girl you better get on with yo bad self! I see you!

— Kerosene (Kuh-raw-senay)
Teacher: Is there a… umm Kerosene present?
Kerosene: Excuse me? It’s Kuh-raw-senay, thank you!

— Insomnia
Student: Insomnia! Girl, do you ever sleep? Damn.

— Day (Dee-aye)
Nurse: Is there a Day Jenkins here?
Day- It’s pronounce Dee-ay and I’m right here all up in yo’ face

— Tawdry
Boyfriend: Baby, you know I love you Tawdry. None them other thots mean nothin’ you my only boo

— Barette
My name is Barette James and I don’t play no games! Okay!

— Opulence
Receptionist: Opulence, girl I’m gonna need you to fill these papers out so we can get you that child support, that man ain’t spending’ his money on nobody but you and that baby.

— Blessing
Judge Judy: Now, Blessing, I know your name, but I don’t know your game

— Chlorine
Friend: Chlorine, girl you better watch out who you is datin’ sleep with a dog you wake up with shit in the bed

— Facilities
Aunt: Facilities don’t make me get yo’ uncle over here, we ain’t afraid to spank you. Now, put them pants on your grandmother gave you! Out here lookin’ like a hoochi!

— Omniscience (Umm-nee-shay-cee)
Teacher: … uhh… Omniscience? Is there an Omniscience here?
Omniscience: It is pronounced Umm-nee-shay-cee, thank you! Or Shay for short.

— Sorcery
Uncle: You trying to do too much, Sorcery, wait until yo’ auntie find out what you is out here doin!

— Malaria
Father: Malaria, you is makin me sick girl! Now get back in this house!

— Emotion
Sister: How come you is always stealing my clothes Emotion!

— Camouflage
Maury: The results are in and Randell is not the father of your baby Camouflage!

— Marinara
Brother: Yo, Marinara! Stop datin’ my homies tho!

— Blonde (Bee-lon-day)
Teacher: Blonde….?
Blonde: Do I look like a Blonde to you? The name is Bee-lon-day, okay! Get it right!

— Ribbon
Oh she think she can just take my man and get away with it? Then she never met Ribbon Randalls and after today she will never forget!

— Rotsserie
Mom: Rotisserie, girl! Get yo self back downstairs and eat this dinner. I didn’t spend all my time and all yo daddy money so you could look at it!

— Attire (Atuhree)
Teacher: …. -_- … Attire
Attire: I though you was a teacher, but you can’t read? The name is At-tuh-ree

— Entendre
Teacher: *gulp* Entendre….??
Entendre: Here

— Dysplasia
Manager: Dysplasia, you can’t keep taking sick days because your and I quote “weave ain’t actin right”

— Hallucinate
Friend: Is Hallucinate ready to go? That girl be thinkin she got all the time in the world and I’m like a sister tryin to get to the club before 11 o’clock and that entry fee kick in

— Sciatica
Cousin: You so stupid Sciatica, that’s why you be buyin them knockoff Coogi pants, that Coochi brand

— Crochet (Crow-shay)
Teacher: Crochet?
Crochet: Yeah, but why you gotta say it with attitude?

— Divinity
Girl: Divinity you is the worse ouctchea!

— Almond
Husband: Now Almond you already know that one ain’t my son!

— Camera
Girl: You know Camera be out here thinking she all that and she ain’t nothin’ but a hot mess!
— Moment
Friend: ohhhhh child, you done messed up now Moment! You better get that weave out before it get teared out!

— Fallacy
Grandma- Fallacy, girl you know your momma ain’t raise you like that

— Edema
Neighbor: Here go them shoes you was asking about, don’t let Edema be wearin’ though… her feet is big.

— Rotisserie
Auntie: Rotisserie, you betta shut yo mouth before I shut it for you!

— Soliloquy
Girl: Ohhhh you done messed up!! Now Soliloquy!!! Whooooo!! Child!!! I’m bout to beat yo weave-wearin, make up needin, teeth needin, tow-up from the flow-up ass!! Hold m nails Hypochondria! This bitch bout to be finished!

— Vendetta
Teacher: Vedetta Darnell? Is there a Vendetta here?
Vendetta: Do I look missin’?


8 Things That Went Through My Mind When My Plane Was About to Crash

Besides, the mantra of “try not to shit yourself”….

Coming back from a family vacation in Costa Rica for Christmas, our flight ran into a bit of weather and nearly plummeted from the sky. During what was about a 7 second free fall from 10,000ft these are the things that went through my mind. It’s probably not what you would think, or maybe it is, I don’t know you.
Will it Hurt?

To be honest, the idea of dying in a plane crash wasn’t so much about the pain of death, but the fear of getting to that point. There’s the entire experience of falling out of the sky and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. Gravity is a funny little bugger because gravity is really in control of everything. Nothing can avoid falling. Also, all your senses kind of go away, I don’t know about you, but I’m not some kind of military trained badass and I don’t become more aware of my surroundings in such a situation. I pretty much lost all sense of every feeling except terror, I felt a lot of terror.

I Will Never Get To Experience _____

Most people say (mostly in film in TV) their lives flash before their eyes. For me, it was a life that I didn’t get to experience that seemingly flashed before my eyes or in essence went through my mind. I thought of all the people I wouldn’t be able to see again, or that I would never achieve my goal to do a TED talk, that I would never get to feel the feeling of the person I love in my arms again etc…

Why Now?

I don’t know about you, but there are many many times where I could have been killed or died, but I managed to skate by unscathed. I’m being serious, I’ve almost been hit by cars, been in serious car accidents, jumped on to the metro tracks to retrieve a fallen flip flop, I’ve almost drowned, etc… so why now? I don’t know the answer, except I’m here today so now wasn’t then.
How Will it Effect My Friends and Family?

Will they cry? Who will be most upset? Will there be a surprise turn out at my funeral? Will I even have a funeral? Everybody kind of wonders about those things at some point in their lives. I mostly thought about how I don’t have a will and testament but I also don’t have any assets, except I have a California King TempurPedic mattress… I would like that to go to someone deserving.

How Can I Survive?

If you’re like me you’re inherently you’re a survivor, we all have that aspect it’s called the Fight or Flight (no pun intended) Response. It determines how you react in a situation of extreme circumstances and under duress caused by a harming experience.

How Close Are We to the Ground?

I mean you’re in the plane, but logically you have a better chance of survival from 10,000ft than 30,000ft… right? That makes sense, but when you can look out the window and see lights it’s way more comforting than seeing only clouds. Once I looked out the window, I tried to think if I could survive, but people fall out of 3 story buildings and don’t survive. Not sure why I would think I could survive from essentially what would be akin to falling off a mountain.

It’s like that movie!

Yes. That was a thought. It zipped through my mind. I have no idea what movie I was thinking of during the thought, but it was like that movie.

Oh, Captain my God!

Who is this guy? Aren’t pilots notorious drinkers? Oh my God who is in control of this giant falling spectacle?! When it comes down to it, the Captain is the only one who can save you. His hands hold in them the continued existence of everyone on that plane. By the time I concluded all these thoughts.. in that 7 seconds the plane was level again and no longer a nose-diving death machine.

15 Reasons You Need A Black Friend

It’s true you do. We should all have a friend or friends of various cultures.

In case you slip up and say the N word they can have your back
Let’s face it, the “N” word is one of the few words in the American lexicon that is essentially forbidden or at least frowned upon if it is used by any culture other than the African-American culture. If you say it and you’re not black (and some of you know you have) and an unforgiving person overhears you uttering the word, hopefully you have a black friend with you that can play it off so you don’t end up getting an earful or a face full.

You can get the approval to say “Fam”
‘Fam’, is more of a committed term to those around you and unlike the ’N’ word it’s acceptable to say, but only with permission of someone who uses fam. It’s not a term to be tossed around like “dude”. Fam is for those you hold close to your heart, less than your family, but closer than a homie…. your fam is your good friend and your very good friends.

Learn how to laugh
I don’t know what it is about we black folks, but we laugh from the depths of our beings! in fact I wouldn’t even call it a laugh… it’s more like mirthful guffaws of the soul. We don’t care where or what time, but we will get our whole body involved in that laugh. Whether it’s a dance accompanying it, a scream, or a jump or a faux faint, it’s something and it’s great!

New cultural experience
Clothes, foods, viewpoints, knowledge, information, there’s an entire wealth of experience you have yet to experience if you don’t have someone of different descent in your life. It’s like adding extra patches to the quilt of your life.

Two words: soul food
Get some now! I’m serious! Get off your device and get to the nearest soul food restaurant! I don’t care if 200 miles away! Road trip! Green beans, macaroni and cheese, corn bread, oh sweet sweet corn bread, corn, sweet potato pie, fried catfish, fried okra, gumbo, collard greens, fried chicken… PLEASE leave now and get some this goodness in you.

Learn the difference between, cuz, cuz and cuz
Cuz- This is likened to your homie. Basically, someone you have an acquaintance type connection with.

Cuz or ‘cause – This is the short hand of “because” for example: Just ‘cause you forgot to pull it out don’t make it okay

Cuz or Cousin – This is a family member related to you by some type of familial connection.

How do you know which is being used? It’s all in the context and inflection

Experience life from a different viewpoint
It’s no secret the history of African-Americans is rife with struggle and as a result certain lifestyle views have been adapted as coping mechanisms. Plus, black families have some of the most exciting family debating styles I have ever come to witness. You want a good laugh… please come with my to my auntie house and we’ll have some soul food and laugh from our souls.

Change up the style influence
It’s widely know that you begin to absorb the proclivities of those you surround yourself with. It’s well known that a lot of black people are cool and smooth. Who wouldn’t want to add this to their repertoire?

Becoming comfortable with new people
There are all types of people on this Earth and pretty soon on Mars. A great way to open yourself up to new people and new life experiences is by doing just that. Open yourself up to one experience then you will be more comfortable to do it again and that’s how the best life experiences occur.

It’s always time for a dance party
Black people dance at every opportunity. Mostly because it’s fun and a great way to express all the energy we have built up in us any moment

You will most likely win any dance battle and/or fight
Yes, there’s a good chance if you’re friend is black they know how to dance. Not that no other culture can kill it on the dance floor, but there’s a very good chance a black person won’t only kill it on the floor, they will do it so smoothly the opposing team will cheer. As for fighting… DO NOT EVEN GET IN TO A VERBAL ARGUMENT WITH A BLACK PERSON! They will make you bring up things that you did not even do and make YOU feel not only like you did it, but actually feel bad for doing it. Sometimes there’s even clapping and that’s when it gets real, real. Only when nails start being removed along with earrings do you really need to start worrying. Sometimes we even clap, I don’t know why, but it’s really effective.

Cultivate new connections, literally
Being friends with someone not of your culture, much like taking a different route to work or the grocery store everyday will actually improve your cognitive function by cultivating new neuronal connections in your brain. Which aid in better understanding and comprehension. Like comprehending that if a black person starts clapping…. then you better start stopping whatever it is you are doing to cause this.

Teaches you tolerance & acceptance
If being black has taught me anything about black people is that we rarely miss an opportunity to express the tribulations we endure daily. It’s a sad acknowledgment that even today all these years later we’re still seen as second rate citizens. There’s nothing easy about attaining respect in a society that doesn’t respect us because of our skin color. Having a friend in this situation will most certainly change your prospective hopefully in a positive way an open your eyes to the injustice that is festering just under our noses.

Makes the world beautiful
If you have eyes you have seen how beautiful mixed humans are. If it don’t need to be fixed then why stop the mix? Not only are cross-culturally mixed children usually more attractive, but they’re also genetically superior when it comes to fighting off diseases, procreating resilient offspring, and so much more… I mean just imagine the family get together’s and all the different dishes to ingest. Mmmmm foooooodddd! I think I just might be hungry, I’m still thinking of the soul food.

There’s no reason not be
Think about it now… why wouldn’t you want to be friends with a person that can enrich your life with such excitement while simultaneously creating new pathways in your mind, laughing from the soul, and cooling you up!? That’s what I thought! Now, please GO GET SOME SOUL FOOD RIGHT NOW! GET SOME DAT DAMN SOUL FOOD!

Sprinkles & Buttons, adventures with two dogs from the opposite side of the kennel

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The adventures of two dogs from opposite sides of the kennel. Buttons is a lone wolf out of the forest who found himself captured into a shelter. Sprinkles is a pure breed pedigree that is used to the finer things in life. Together they are forced to share a space and put up with their negligent owner.

Created and Written by Steve Miranda

Starring Paul LeSchofs and Steve Miranda

Directed by Annique Arredondo
Cinematgraphy by Guillermo Caraballo

Assistant Directed by JP Morgan
Production Assistant QXQX

Sound Mixing by Tom Hopper
Edited by Steve Miranda

Flawnomenon (Flaw-nom-e-non): Embracing Your Flaws & Gaining Confidence By: Darina Parker

The Feisty Life

I watched a video clip on procrastination-book, I mean Facebook. It was a clip of a child being filmed by whom I’m assuming is her mother. The mother asks the little girl what happened to her at school that day and the little girl with a smile answers,

“A little boy said I-“

She hesitates and her demeanor changes from glee to dejection.

She bravely continued, “I look ugly…”

At this point in the clip I was ready to find this little boy and dropkick him in the neck, because this little girl is the embodiment of cuteness wrapped in a blanket of preciousness.

The mother then asks the little girl what her response was. Just by the way the little girl perked up, you knew it was going to be good! She sat straight up and delivered a retort that made me want to throw her a birthday party…

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Flawnomenon (Flaw-nom-e-non): Embracing Your Flaws & Gaining Confidence By: Darina Parker

I watched a video clip on procrastination-book, I mean Facebook. It was a clip of a child being filmed by whom I’m assuming is her mother. The mother asks the little girl what happened to her at school that day and the little girl with a smile answers,

“A little boy said I-“

She hesitates and her demeanor changes from glee to dejection.

She bravely continued, “I look ugly…”

At this point in the clip I was ready to find this little boy and dropkick him in the neck, because this little girl is the embodiment of cuteness wrapped in a blanket of preciousness.

The mother then asks the little girl what her response was. Just by the way the little girl perked up, you knew it was going to be good! She sat straight up and delivered a retort that made me want to throw her a birthday party everyday until her actual birthday. She said,

“I said I didn’t come here to make a fashion statement, I came here to learn!” she pridefully continues, “and the little boy said I look bad and I said did you look in the mirror lately?”

This is a *drops the mic* moment.

You do remember this is a four year old girl in pre-school, right? Because, I did a ‘Z’ snap and a slow clap for how well she handled herself. You too momma, you are raising her right!

I’m 30 years old and I wouldn’t have answered with such confidence. I would have probably scoffed or did a Fresh Prince-esque sharp inhale. Throw in a couple of “woo’s!” in there and then walked away. I’m not saying I think I’m ugly, oh no quite the opposite, but to be demeaned by a member of my peers would cause me pause. What about me is ugly? Is he referring to my hair being unkempt? That my physique too masculine? Do my feet stink? Most likely, it’s none of those things, or all of those things, but let’s backpedal, we just learned what self-doubts I have.

The little girl responded with confidence and authority. I said nothing to defend myself and on top of that, I questioned myself. Revealing what I believe my flaws to be. Well, to be sure let’s define a flaw. Dictionary.com (because I don’t think books exist anymore) defines a flaw as:

‘A feature that mars the perfection of something, defect, default.’

A defect? A default? A damn shame is what it is! A flaw isn’t assigned to you at birth. There’s no little half dressed floating flaw giving fairy dolling out defects to whoever he deems.

What are some typical insecurities people harbor and suppress?

The few you just thought of are the ones that you harbor about yourself, but you’re not alone. Unsatisfactory appearance, too much/not enough of masculinity/femininity, sexuality, fear of failure, fear of the possibility of an unfavorable outcome, do you realize the last one is one that’s solely based off your own creation? Nothing has even happened yet, however it stifles us still. Then instead of being in security blankets we hide our vulnerabilities in what I like to call the insecurity blanket.

And it’s not your fault, well maybe not before, but now that you’re aware of it, you’re now responsible for how you conduct yourself from here on out, right after this. This, is something that is rampant in the lifestyle of the famous and the rich. In order to protect their psyche and riches they must maintain a facade at all times. Can you imagine having to spend time with people you despise day in and day out because you don’t know how to trust or socialize with others? You do? Then you need to keep reading.

Modeling a lifestyle after people who aren’t connected with themselves, is akin to building a city on the exact path of swirling weather phenomena, oh right. It’s senseless! How are you to learn from someone who doesn’t know? I digress, not all the blame is to be put on others there’s also the roles parents play in how they raised you, what experiences you had to deal with, and comparisons to family members, popular kids, those who excel where you want etc… But this is about how you deal with your own flaws. If there’s one thing we learned from George A. Romero films it’s that burying something deep down and ignoring it doesn’t mean it won’t rear it’s ugly head at the most inopportune moment and they will eat you alive.

So, what’s the first step in this inner selfie assessment? Figure out what you don’t like about yourself. I don’t mean look in a mirror and start circling places that can be nipped & tucked. I mean who you are, the essences that synthesize to make you, you. Are you a liar? Do you perceive yourself to be a failure? Apathetic? Maybe, your sensitive because you feel like you made a bad choice in your past and now you’re stuck with no clue how to correct it?

Because I’m so cool I will share what I came up with when I did this. I started to think about things I didn’t like about me, not what I thought other people didn’t like, but what do I dislike about me? Because I’m the only person who has to spend an eternity with me. I professed that I procrastinate too often, that I will play the role of the victim during a confrontation, I didn’t like that I felt ashamed for having romantic feelings towards a woman when I’m supposed to like boys, I’m lazy, that I would allow myself to be taken advantaged of by others, basically I didn’t like that I was allowing external influence dictate my internal struggle.

Then I went about recognizing my strengths, my abs are number one for sure, no! No visible attributes only things that are in your heart at your core. For me it was my affinity for adventure, nonjudgmental demeanor, my understanding and accepting of others, I’m intellect, my capacity to love, my wit, I’m open minded and etc… I use the traits I like about myself to begin building the foundation of my confidence. Think of it as if you began weight lifting, you wouldn’t jump to the highest weight amount first. No, you start little and become stronger and stronger as you go.

Now read or recall what you listed as your flaws. Think about when you present yourself to a person or a group of people. How do you appear? These are the things you subconsciously suppress without realizing they’ve already been controlling your actions and decisions. When you do realize your buried burdens bubbling beyond your control that’s when your defense mechanisms kick in and you become spiteful, insincere, reactive instead of interactive, nervous, self-deprecating and point fingers at everyone else for your unsuccessful attempt. It’s like when you’re really worried something bad will happen and then something bad happens. That’s because it was already happening in your mind and you’ve been heading for it all night. Then you blame it on other people and if you never have to take responsibility for your behavior then how are you to be expected to change it?

Own it. Stare the beast in the face and ask it if it saw itself in a mirror lately. Don’t feel sorry for yourself, want better for yourself. Take responsibility for your decisions & mistakes and give yourself a second chance. Hiding behind the guise of scapegoating or ignoring only makes you weaker. I’m 100 times happier, much more mentally attuned, I have a boyfriend I love and adore and he treats me like the incredible person I am. Everyday, I am thankful for my blessings and my awakening.

It’s funny how our society implies that pain should be avoided and we should only embrace the good. If you broke both of your legs would you only get a cast on one leg and expect them to both heal? And if people continue to have an issue then send them this link so they can re-assess their pompous proclivities.

Hopefully, you were able to gain some insight from this personal account of how I dealt with my flawnomenon situation and how now I’m the coolest person I know. I was sick of feeling inferior and didn’t want to feel that way for the duration of my life. Life, is simply one perpetual lesson after another even from your death a lesson can be construed, but like the little girl said, “I didn’t come here to be fashionable” No, I’m here to be the best me I can be.

Any questions, comments, typos, or anything please let me know in the comments below. Having very recently gone through this on a personal level, I promise you two things: It’s not an easy task, but you will be much better off once you start treating yourself better.

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GUEST BLOGGER: Cole Millen on Eating Healthy and Living Active While on Vacation

Eating Healthy and Living Active While on Vacation, by Cole Millen

Reach Cole at: Colemillen@gmail.com

Planning your travel arrangements and vacation carefully can make the your new healthy lifestyle incredibly rewarding.  Not all vacations and trips on airplanes have to be wrought with paying too much for food that is neither tasty nor nourishing.  Below is a guide on how to maintain your standards for healthy eating and an active lifestyle from the moment you leave the house to when you return from your trip excited about all you experienced, including the local nutritious cuisine.

Taking the Airport Experience into Your Own Hands

Your own healthy snacks should always be included in part of what you pack.  Eat before you head to the airport, and have snacks on you so you are not tempted to order from one of the over-priced airport restaurants.  These can include carrot sticks, dried apples, raisins, nuts, wrap sandwich’s stuffed with natural turkey breast, purple onions and arugula, and the vast array of organic, natural and raw energy bars by brands such as Lara bar and Cliff.  You can buy frozen burritos at your local grocery store, heat them and wrap them in tin foil before you leave so that it will be slightly warm by the time you’re ready to eat it hours later.  If you choose to order a meal at the airport, skip the fast food joints and head straight to one of the bistros or higher end establishments.  Ask to see a menu.  Most places will have soups and salads that are the perfect amount of food to ensure you don’t get too full.

Choosing Your Hotel

Finding a hotel that will allow you to maintain your healthy lifestyle while you are away from home is one of the most important aspects of a healthy vacation. It is extremely important to ensure that the hotel you choose not only has the appropriate luxuries and offerings for you to stay healthy, but it is also pivotal to ensure that you are in an area that will allow you to do so as well. I have found that a little research goes a long way in this aspect. My most recent trip was to Sin city and I found a great site that listed reviews for hotels in Las Vegas regarding not only their specific amenities and services but also regarding the restaurants in the surrounding area. This made it easier than ever to stay healthy both in and out of my hotel!

Eating Out

Jump onto the Internet in your hotel and look up the menu for several restaurants you are considering before heading out the door. Sometimes the most recommended restaurants are very unhealthy choices. By reviewing the menu ahead of time you can look for the word clues that can shed light on what your true healthy options are, if any. Fried foods are definitely something to be avoided. The word fried may not be used in an entree description. Instead,words like battered, breaded and crunchy may be the tip you need to stay away. Other descriptive words that often mean trouble are rich, creamy, decadent, and buttery.

Once you find a great place to dine, eat a little healthy snack like an apple before heading to the restaurant. This prevents you from gobbling up the bread they bring out before the meal. A snack before your meal will also discourage ordering a fattening appetizer.

While it is impossible to control your environment when traveling, being prepared for these differences can keep you on the right track. The key is to never let yourself get too hungry so that you eat whatever is available in a pinch, which is usually unhealthy fast food. Carrying healthy snacks and water helps. Checking restaurant menus ahead of time also makes practical sense.

See your trip as opportunity to successfully test the fortitude of your positive lifestyle choices.  Almost all major U.S. cities enjoy a thriving healthy, active lifestyle sub-culture for those who know how to find it.  Enjoy discovering it!



Differences are Not Deficiencies

Differences are Not Deficiencies.


Check out another great write-up, where I make an appearance. Finally, my inquisitive nature sated with useful and well thought out information.


Also, I loved the part about comparisons. I recently had a late night revelation that I’d been comparing myself to people my entire life and that simple unknown act has been the thing holding me back. Well, no more comparing myself. I’m going to be the best me I can be, despite what others are or have done before.